Large-format Color Printers & Copiers

Metro is a certified reseller of Canon and KIP professional printing equipment. Our facility houses a large number of Canon and KIP large-format printers.

The printers we use are also the printers we lease and sell. By focusing on the two most respected brands in the industry, we maintain a high level of experience and expertise for our customers.

Facilities Management

Need a high-end printer on-site? Metro provides the equipment, keeps it supplied, and keeps it maintained—all you do is print.

Equipment Sales

For customers with high-volume needs, Metro provides professional-grade KIP and Canon printers—and the know-how to keep them running at top speed.

For many years we have relied on Metro Reprographics for all our printing needs. Their friendly customer service, expertise, and exceptional print quality make them a valuable resource and dependable business partner.
Lynn Magnan
Third Palm, LLC